Looking for a job

It’s been a hectic time since we moved in, but finding a job is pretty much a priority for me right now.  I went to an interview at Sussex Bookkeepers and liked the guys there. They’re based in Horsham, so that’s awesome. Don’t wanna work full-time, just about 20 hours a week is good.

I’d like to do some freelance work for them, maybe even self-employed so I can work just when I want. Jacob and Eva will be in school most of the time, so I plan to have quite a bit of time to myself so I can work and play.

Still waiting to hear back from the bookkeeping guys but keeping my fingers crossed. I gave them several options, but I really prefer the flexible freelance option.

Otherwise we’re settling in good and the kids have just started school in time for the new term. Jacob hasn’t been to school before, but I’ve been home tutoring him so think he’ll be ahead of the other kids. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Eva has made a new friend and already been to tea. Kids do that don’t they? They just talk to everyone. We were in Horsham Park when she started playing with a little girl called Kayleigh. Of course we moms struck up a conversation too and really got on good. So it ended up in tea for us all.

Turns out Kayleigh is at the same Horsham school as Eva is starting, so it’ll be great for her to have a buddy right at the start. Don’t know whether they’ll end up in the same class but I hope so.

Jacob is a little shy so he’s not quite so looking forward to school, but I’m sure he’ll be fine once he gets started.

Personally I’m looking forward to some time for myself, and maybe a new job too.