My first month in Horsham

Phew, breathe right?

It’s been a hectic time, moving in, getting the kids started in school, finding a job and settling down in this cute town of Horsham.

I got the freelance job as a bookkeeper, so that’s great news and I’m just gonna do 15-20 hours a week, most of it at home. So that fits in with the kids being at school, but still leaves me enough time to explore my new home and make a few friends.

Had a great time at the weekend when we discovered Fishers Farm, not far outside the town. Why do I find it so difficult to avoid calling Horsham a city?

Fishers Farm is awesome for the kids, with all sorts of petting creatures. Eva totally fell in love with the shetland ponies and is now bugging us for horse riding lessons. Jacob loved the climbing wall, even though he couldn’t get very far up it. It was a great day and the weather was pretty good.

The weather is one thing I don’t care for in England. I guess it’s because it’s an island and attracts a lot of wet air and wind. Horsham is 20 miles inland so it’s not like being on the coast where the wind comes off the sea. We were down in Worthing last week and boy does that wind blow. Not in a hurricane sort of way, just gusting around non-stop. I’m not sure I’d like that on a daily basis because it makes a nice sunny day feel cold.

And they do seem to have an awful lot of rain over here. Dan says they’re April showers (even though we arrived in March) and this year is wetter than normal. All I can say is that our grass is muddy and the kids need to be put in the tub all too frequently for my liking.  I’m hoping the summer will be here soon so we get a bit more warmth.

Right now though it’s spring and I have to say the bluebells and primroses in the countryside are simply gorgeous, so we’re enjoying a few rides out because apparently they don’t last long.