Exploring the countryside

I’m a country girl at heart and wherever in the world I am I just gotta get out into the country.

Sunday we found a great place in Barns Green, a little village just outside Horsham. It has a farm where they have camping and lakes and we all thought it was glorious.  The sun helped I dare say.

Sumners Ponds is a working farm with a few cattle. Didn’t see any sheep or other beasts but maybe they were further afield. They have some great camping facilities and it was packed with caravans. Those are real cute, not much like Winnibegos which are much bigger. Can’t see one of those fitting on these little Sussex roads.

They have some little camping pods too, just like little tents but made of wood. I’ve seen something similar up in Tahoe, but maybe a bit bigger. They also have a couple of great lakeside lodges to rent too.

Sumners obviously attracts a lot of fishing enthusiasts as they have competition lakes. We walked all round the farm, with its wooded walks and open fields. It’s a charming place and we’ll be back real soon.

The lakes are beautiful and the cafe is situated right on the shore of the main lake. Here you can sit on a deck right over the water and the food is pretty damn good.  Only downside was the amount of people there but maybe they just came out because it was a sunny Sunday for a change.

We all had burgers, plenty to eat and nice fries (or chips as I have to learn to call them!) Then we had another stroll around before we left. Dan took us for drive around some of the local lanes and there are a few that are only as wide as the car. Surprising what you find when you venture off the highway.

We’re going to do more of this sort of stuff, getting out and about in the villages, but I’ve also been exploring Horsham town so next blog will tell you what I found.

I’m enjoying this new life and am hoping the summer brings some nice warm weather so we can all relax with some heat.