Autumn Arrives

We’ve been in Horsham for six months now and I’ve been through an entire English summer. And I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the weather. Some of our building work was delayed back in June when it rained non-stop, but since then it’s been pretty good and warm much of the time. So perhaps all those tales I heard about foul weather were exaggerated – but wait – winter approaches so let’s see.

So I’m mighty impressed!  We’ve had local builders in for the last couple of months, building an extension on the back of the house. It’s almost finished and will make so much more room for us. When that’s all complete, we’ll get painting and decorating and then it’ll be time for a party!

It’ll probably be a Christmas do since that’s always a good excuse for a get-together. We’d like to ask some of the neighbours who’ve been so kind and we have relatives in Worthing and Brighton who’d love to come. I’d like to get an enormous Christmas tree like we have at home. It’ll just about fit in the extension as we have an orangery-style roof that gives a lot more room than a regular roof.

Then I’ll spend days buying decorations for the tree and the rest of the house. It’s my favourite time of the year and I’m really hoping it’ll snow to make it feel more authentic. Somehow I can’t imagine living south of the equator and having summer during the festive season!  It would seem totally alien to me, although Sonoma County isn’t the chilliest of places of course, but at least we have winter from November to March.

Jacob and Eva have settled in well and both have loads of friends. Of course they have playmates over, but to have them all with their parents for a proper party will be wonderful. That way we can make new friends ourselves, which would be awesome. It’s wonderful having the kids around, but sometimes grown up company is what fits the bill.

As well as the extension, the Worthing builders will be completing the decking we started a while back.  It should be another great addition to the house and the garden and will mean that the children can play outside i,n the winter without bringing in oodles of mud. That’s another thing I find strange in England – mud!  Perhaps it’s because it’s Sussex clay, but it’s a lot more than I’m used to and clings to everything.

But we all have wellies which we wear when we go out walking in the local forests, so that’s all ok. Mind I don’t consider them forests – there are no bears or many wild animals at all!  You see the odd fox and a few birds, but it’s not what I’m used to in the wilds of California!

Strange how quickly you adapt to a new country though. I’m loving it in Horsham and consider myself lucky that we’ve managed to settle in such a lovely part of England. We could have ended up somewhere like Croydon, which wouldn’t have suited me nearly so well.

Well the builders are asking for another “cuppa” so I’ll have to oblige and furnish them with the obligatory shortbread biscuit I guess. These guys need to be treated with kid gloves if they’re to do their best work!