Early Spring Cleaning

So almost a year in this beautiful part of England and the weather is grey at this time of year. Not sure I like that much and it’s cold right now, so I’ve decided to get on with some spring cleaning to cheer myself.

I’ve contacted Horsham Carpet Cleaners and they’ll be along next week to sort out the carpets. They come highly recommended by our neighbours so I’m optimistic they’ll do a great job.

So meanwhile I have a lot of cleaning to do, since carpets are the last thing to be cleaned in my regime.

First are the walls and skirtings. I use old-fashioned sugar soap like my Grandma did back in the day. It’s great at removing all the grease and marks without leaving any residue. Strange they still haven’t come up with anything better.

Then once they’re sparkling and smelling nice, I tackle the furniture. I’ve got a lot of wood in this house and it all gets a good polish with good quality old-fashioned furniture wax. There’s a theme here with all this traditional treatment! I don’t reckon central heating does a lot for wood so it’s good to treat it a couple of times a year to stop it drying out and shrinking.

Then I go over the upholstered chairs and sofas. After searching down the sides to look for money and hidden treasures (like my tweezers), I vacuum thoroughly. It’ll all get cleaned along with the carpets, but it’s nice to get the worst off.

The biggest culprit is the cat. He leaves hair and bits all over everything and likes to sit just about everywhere – just to spread the love!  One of his favourite places to lie is on the backs of the light grey chairs. You can imagine how it discolours over time. But hopefully those cleaning guys will bring it all up like spanking new. It’s strange the way he avoids any areas that have been covered with lovely soft cloths to catch his mess!

So once all that’s done and the whole place has been thoroughly vacuumed, we’ll be ready for the carpet cleaners. They also do mattresses so I’m thinking of having that done too.  Problem is we’ve had the same bed and mattress for over 30 years – simply because it’s so comfortable that I’d never part with it. But it’s never been cleaned – is that a horrible admission?  I never even knew you could clean mattresses until just recently. Now I’m probably too embarassed to have it done – imagine the colour of the water!

These guys are supposed to be super-efficient and leave the place almost dry.  I’ve heard that cheaper outfits don’t use such powerful machines, so they leave your carpets pretty wet. I’m not keen to have damp carpets overnight in this weather!  They’d probably be frozen solid by the morning.  So hopefully they’ll dry out fast and leave us nice and cosy once they heating has been on full speed for a few hours.

While I’m in the spring cleaning mood, I’m off to start on the kitchen cupboards. They all need a complete turn-out, cleaning and putting back neat and tidy – without all that gooey stuff down some of the jars. And while I’m at it I’ll do the tops of the cupboards, which must be one of my most unfavourite jobs.

A good tip is to place newspaper on top of every cupboard. Then when you clean you simply throw away the paper and there’s not too much muck up there. I learned that one from my good old mom!