Hiya. I’m Nancy Bell and from Sonoma County, California, not far from San Francisco. Sonoma County is wine country and where I grew up, close to Santa Rosa.

I’m 32 years old and have two kids – Jacob, who turns 5 next month and Eva who is 7.  And I have a husband, Dan, who is an Englishman.

And that’s why we just moved to Horsham. Dan came out to California around 12 years ago to work at his company’s research facility in Santa Rosa. We met not long after and I guess we fell in love.

Now Dan’s company has sent him back to work in Crawley, so the whole family has moved to a small town called Horsham, in the county of Sussex.

We’re all looking forward to starting a new life here and I want to get to know my inlaws better.  I decided to start a blog so I can share with my Mom and Pop and they can follow my journey over here.

I’ve never even been outta the US before, so it’s kinda strange for me, but exciting.